Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Hello all and welcome to the surf report with NSR and Parker! The waves stayed in the stomach to shoulder high range. Check out today's mid morning shots and the NSR expedition yesterday!

The offshore breezes were consistent today. Combine a late takeoff, wind and water in your face, and the racing speed and you're in for a fun drop! Fasten your seatbelts and wipe your face off like this surfer.

After you stick the drop, enjoy the open faces and long rolling playful waves. Send me an email at [email protected] for your full sequence!

Grab a chair and some popcorn so you can enjoy the action. Nice low tide drainer!!

If I had 1 Cordoba everytime I see Lesther execute the basics, I would be a rich man. On the other hand, I would also have a tweaked neck (much like his form) from all the watching...

Lesther and his bike both perform best when they are upside down in the air...

It's almost lunch time for NSR and the pelicans. Let us know if you want to go fishing in between swells.

At lower tides, the sets hug the reef very well. Don't worry because it is about 8 feet deep!

Ok guys, get out there for that incoming tide!! Grab some waves for those of us who are working.

Yesterday, Norman and I spent the day in San Juan del Sur. We wanted to reacclimate ourselves to the services offered in the area so we can send your family on a day trip. Check out the shots!

First stop was Da'Flying Frogs canopy tour. Norman Meynard- loaded and locked! Our guides told us the youngest kids who completed the tour were 3 and 4 years old. That means your whole family can come!

Working hard or hardly working? Both in our case. This shot was after #13 and the line was 400 meters long!

Our guides spoke great English so there was never a misunderstanding. Da'Flying Frogs was very careful about all safety precautions. We stayed strapped in between lines, safety harnesses, extra brakes, and were forewarned of expected speeds. Just don't look down!!!

Thank you Carlos for allowing Norman and me to hop on a tour! We will see you next time.

Next stop was the Jesus peak that overlooks San Juan del Sur. We drove 5 minutes and hiked 5 minutes to find sweet baby Jesus (more than 8lbs, 6oz) watching over the city.

Check out that view!! Prepare your selfie sticks, Instagram (no filters needed), and warm up those smiling muscles.

Afterwards, we walked through downtown San Juan to check out some shops. Meanwhile, some locals were celebrating Grideria by carrying the Virgen Mary and playing music for her. In Nicaragua, there's always a dose of culture around every street corner.

All the fun activities, I mean hard work, made us hungry. We visited Vivian's Restaurant and Norman ordered their famous shrimp pasta dish. Sign me up for a fine seafood dish while dining on the beach!

What's a good meal without a tasty desert?!?! The Eskimo 50 meters away serves delicious icecream for less than a dollar. You don't have to tell me twice...

Final stop: San Jorge port. Yes, that is the famous Ometepe in the background. If you want to hike, visit springs, see wildlife, or dance at the Magma fest next week, check it out! Ladies, be on the lookout for a studly man with killer dance moves named Armando Lopez.

Norman, I know Heather is expecting us to return at 3pm but what do you say we spend the $3 and hop on the ferry?!?!

Many people enjoy Lake Nicaragua for a relaxing swim or a chance to catch some dinner. Please help us take care of the ecosystem for these future generations!

It's not a good day unless you enjoy two deserts... Norman introduced me to a local secret called Relleno. It's a sweet concotion of ice, pound cake, leche dulce. Take my word, it's amazing and don't tell our trainer Kevin that we ate two deserts in one afternoon!

Ok guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed today's report! Needless to say, I would highly recommend taking a day trip to San Juan del Sur or other destinations including Granada, Mombacho, or Masaya... let us know how we can help you have a great time! It's almost time for a surf break and lunch so adios amigos!