Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hello everybody! Welcome to the weekend surf report with NSR! This is Parker checking in to show you some midday shots. Check them out!

Unfortunately, the waves are pretty small so we wanted to do a fun longboard report. Wes and James rented a couple boards and were ready for the exhibition!

The lefts were perfectly rolling down the sandbar. Too bad the waves weren't three times the size to enjoy that spot!!! James snagged one all the way to the beach while his buddies were just getting started.

Wes was styled out in front of the amigas. Being from the panhandle in Florida, this group is still stoked to surf some waves, relax, and hang out on the beach.

How can you not enjoy that nug?!?! It's probably waist to chest but we call that flat. All the locals went to Maderas for the competition so we hope there are a couple waves for them!

We'll need a little more size before we start talking about tubes. Head dips on tap all afternoon! Next stop: Pipe Masters!!!!

Party wave!!! We haven't had this much fun surfing tiny waves since the IPC open in October. What do you think Player's Club, time for another one soon?!?!

Judges- what are you guys thinking about the tricks displayed? Or are you preoccupied watching the group of pretty Managuans walking down the beach???

I give Wes a 10 for this ride. Styled out on a perfect backside roller.

And James responds!! Smooth, controlled, and fluid. These boys could longboard really well so we'd like to get them on some better surf to see what they can really do!

We know the waves are small and it's tough to surf. I promise you if you go out with your friends and keep your expectations low, you will have fun. The sun is out, the offshores are light, and the water is warm... So what do you have to lose?

Ok damas and caballeros, get on it!! Come rent a longboard and we'll see you out there. Thank you guys for checking out the weekend and tenga un buen fin de semana!!