Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 02, 2017

YEW!!  Kevin here, got some SHOTS for you guys today!  

Conditions were actually pretty fun out there.  Even though it was small there were some runners out there!  Lets get to it!

View from the beach house this morning. First look I got at it today. This was a perfect representation of it. About chest to head, nice an glassy with some lines

The guys staying at the beach house were on it. Not too many people taking advantage of the conditions out there except them

They were out there on some wavestorms and funboards. The perfect wave craft for today

After looking at it for a little while from the house, I decided to head down to the beach. The water flowing out from the river was really cool so I decided to dip my feet in

There were some cloud formations, and it looked like it was going to rain. Made for a nice backdrop

The tide has been coming up really high the last few days due to the full moon and has been washing away at this sandbank. The little mounds caught my attention. Reminded me of when I went to the grand canyon but in miniature

I crossed the little river and to my left I saw the Rio Dulce condos. NSR has a couple of these units for rent. The view is incredible from up there

After a quick hike I went back up to the beach club. Met up with Felipe Suarez, the Argentinian pro who's been staying at Hacienda Iguana and we decided to link up

We paddled out and as soon as we were out there a set came through. Knew it was gonna be fun.

Lighting was good, conditions were good.... stoked

Felipe's been trying to bust some air reverses, but his rail game is strong too

Well, I know this is what you all have been waiting for, so here you go

there's the bottom turn...



Yup he landed it. So that's it guys. Thanks for watching. I'll leave the links to the instagram accounts below if you're curious to check em out. Also, shoutout to Surfari charters, check out their documentary if you haven't yet. It's super sick and will get you amped to get down here to Nicaragua. See you guys next time!


Felipe Suarez



Kevin Huang



Link to surfari doco