Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 01, 2017

Hey everyone, Kevin here with Friday's report!  Swell is still on the smaller side, but there are still a couple of nice sets coming through at higher tides!  Lets get to it!

Swell was coming in at around 1-3 feet, maybe a touch bigger on the sets

It was small, but it was pretty consistent. The winds were nice too

This guy had the right idea. More volume was a good thing today

Really nice A-frame. You can see this guy racing, the waves had some nice shape, but were breaking fast

Here's one of the sets. This guy caught a nice left.

The wind was blowing hard but it gave the waves some nice shape. It almost looks like it wants to barrel. Microtubes...

This guy went for the floater instead!

The winds were the only salvation out there. It was really hot!

Here's a set wave. It was surprisingly big out there on the largest ones.

Everyone was running for the outside on this one. You can see the guys legs in the wave as he just barely makes it through

This guy was waiting for one of those. He caught one of the later waves in the set

You can definitely see some swell out the back there!

Man it's beautiful out there, but it sure is hot!!

Escaping to the poolside bar today might be the right call ....

Small but clean!

This lady's been out there crushing it the last few days on her long board.

This picture sums up perfectly what it was like out there. So stylish. Someone get this woman a sponsorship

Note everyone scrambling for the outside on this one

Couple of little friends joined us this morning!

What a cute little guy!

Might be worth a little trip up the beach if Playa Colorado isn't working out for you.... That's it for today, see you guys tomorrow!