Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Today we have a little adventure. The waves keep kinda small, so we check  other beach around here. Protected for the offshore wind and clear water this beach is one of the most beautiful in all our pacific coast. Check it out.

The local community living around this beach have a few little kids learning to surf. Check the technique of this kid working in the pop up.

Every body need to remember the first time on the surfboard, it is one of the nice memories of our surf life, is fun to look back and remember our horrible style.

Anyway he probably have a good view of this wave. I think, he though was a overhead!!!!!

Ok. I think he was working with super glue before come to surf. HAHhAH.

This Iguana come everyday to watch surf, it has the best view of the beach.

This beach is where NSR have the surf lesson. How you see is very friendly wave and beautiful beach, is all a good experience.

Definitely is nice to see the ocean from the Monkey house. I would love to take a sunset bath as well.

Ok. My friends, This is one of the little Island we have for snorkel, it is a good activity to do when the ocean is calm. Armando Lopez is out.