Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 02, 2016

Hi everydody!!!. We have nice waves in the morning. This right was hole with some waves spitting,,,.. All the crew was trying hard to get one of this nugget, but just Lester got out of one barrel. Check today action.

The take off no was to danger, but the people was intimidate for the shape of the wave. The offshore wind start to cold the water, the waves are no to big, but looks strong.

Most of the surfers were taking the waves from the shoulder. This wave was only four feet and normally there are only three wave in the set.

Check some of the Lester barrel. This is shot one, he drop early and is looking the line.

He get into the paket. He is going so smooth inside this barrel, but there is a wave tusk in front him.

And now shot three, he is cover for the lip of the wave. There are just three wave in the set and the second one was the best.

Another tusk is breaking making Lester more deep. I know he is going out.

He is the master... I so Lester making out barrels so much difficult than this one, so I know this is not difficult for him at all.

The shoulder still fun, but the take off was so juice. No there are waves between sets and the set were coming every twenty minutes, so lose this wave was a sin.

I see a lot of the surfers getting inside the barrel and don't come out, but for sure they were big fun in the morning. Like this surfer here, he was deep for a while in the barrel. In the end he fell, but he understand more about barrel today.

Surf in boogie board is more easy. This man here looks good dropping this right, check his barrel.

I start surfing in boogie,,,. Sponch,,. Nothing compared with shortboard, but I still having one just in case I have a injury in one of my arms.

Wow, Lester get another sick barrel. How lucky guy!!!!.

I just see one surfer riding a left. No there are so many and almost all were closing, but this one looks good.

Mr. John was grabbing hard the rail of his longboard to get into the line of this barrel. Good style Mr. john.

Just a few waves were good for turns. Today was a barrel day during the tide coming up.

Well. The waves still good for tomorrow. Surf n the morning and rest for the big party in Magnific Rock ( Mis Colita ) no cover for the girls just man pay and for sure if for help to our Rugby team to travel to guatemala and represent our country in this international event. Have fun and until tomorrow, Armando Lopez is out.