Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hey guys welcome to the Tuesday Surf Report and a splendid day here in Nicaragua. Just another gorgeous sunset to end the day and a few games of volleyball.

The gang was getting down on the beach volleyball court, this happens everyday starting at 4pm if you're here or visiting come down and jump in a game. Just watch out when Cesar is serving because he got some serious power on that thing.

Jackson surfing after the sun had set and the dark was starting to creep in but you can see that new shiny board he's got and his unmistakable style.

Hoping I'd catch a little green flash at the sunset. I hope wherever you are reading this you had a nice day and got to see a pretty sunset as well.

As the last surfers were exiting the water stoked from the session. Not a lot of surf photos today, but I promise you will get a super duper dose of surf photos this Thanksgiving Thursday during the Chompipe contest. I'll be doing updates throughout the day so between visiting with family and watching football make sure to swing by and see what's happening at your favorite Nica surf spot.