Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hello everybody and Happy Thanksgiving!! This is Parker signing in to share today's (and last night's) action with you. Before we begin, El Salvador had a 7.0 earthquake which trigged tsunami warnings at 1PM local time. Yes, we proactively evacuated but nothing happened. All is safe so we are continuing on with our holiday.

As advertised, Kevin Cortez and Jackson Obando's FRIO film premiered last night. The movie was epic, a lot of people came, and the after party was fun! Please excuse my old iPhone's photos while checking out the shots!

As the name "frio" implies, the idea is simple: take two tropical shredders, stick them in colder water and wetsuits, and see if they adapt. In an interview, Kevin Cortez said he "was pleased to accomplish the goal, surf well, adapt to a new environment, and enjoy the experience."

Jackson Obando described how it was "cool to discover why those surfers come to our warm water beaches. Now we get to go to their beaches."

As you can imagine, the surfing was next level. Throughout the film, the boys got barreled, threw airs, and laid down some huge turns. Turns out they can rip in 5 mil suits too!!

Being in Vancouver, Canada, they experienced snow for the first time. Jackson recounts, "Kevin told me to tell the team as soon as you lose feeling in your feet. If it's bad, they have to cut your feet off. I told my mom I was worried I wouldn't be able to surf anymore!!!!!"

Kevin Cortez talked about how FRIO was an eye opening experience. He was stoked to surf a new area, get sick footage, and get out of his comfort zone. He was still getting barreled so it's debatable if he was outside of his comfort zone.

On a down day, the FRIO team took the boys snowboarding. Normally, the average rookie does not land a 360 on the first day...

A huge thank you to JP and Bryan from Sequence Films who pioneered the project, John Eames from El Camino for hosting, and the other 150+ people who came out! We were stoked for those boys!

Back at the beach, everything is normal. During the morning, Jen Whatley hosted the first annual Thanksgiving Open. Check out some of the action!

The conditions were super fun for the late morning session! Lesther showed off just how rippable the shoulder high mush balls were.

As you can see, the weather and conditions are changing due to Otto (it will probably hit around dinner time). Yesterday, everybody was securing their properties for the heavy rain, strong wind gusts, and possible power outages. Josh Springfield was already prepared so he could enjoy the surf!

All good things come in pairs, right? John Springfield was in the men's shortboard heat division too. Next round for him is learning to spike a volleyball 101.

Jessie is a new friendly face in our community. He is working for Tropic Surf and currently teaching Gavin and Ryley how to shred. Needless to say, he's been busy!!!!! Welcome down bro!

After the heat, Lesther was welcomed by his boy Keani. When Keani grows up, I hope Lesther teaches him to surf as a goofy foot so there are still some right hander barrels that come through!!

Today is actually a big day for Keani because he turns 3! Happy birthday primito!! Mommy Kiki and Daddy Lesther have prepared a delicious cake for tonight (that I'm really excited for!!!!).

Between heats, freesufers were tearing it up. Lenny from Santana was putting on a clinic for cutbacks and top turns. Keep surfing so you can clear room for tonight's feast!!

Heading into round two, there was some fun loving tension between Carlos Perez and Tony Z. Uh-oh! It might get pretty heated.......

Tony Z let his surfing speak for itself. He's Iguana's unstoppable volleyball wall and backside top turn extrodinaire.

Mike and Meghan are in town for the festivities. After the delicious dinner at Jen's, what do y'all think about hitting up Don Eloys???

Andy Cortez, El Loquito, celebrated his big brother Kevin's movie by a morning full of surfing and eating the last bit of my candy. Keep it up in school and work bro!! You're on the right track and your surfing is quickly improving.

Word on the street is that there is a fierce body boarding competition later this afternoon. The beach looks fine and we see no evidence of a tsunami so you might want to swing by Jen's and join us!

Ok damas and caballeros, we hope you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving!! Remember, there is no NSR Black Friday sale- it's a "Black Monday" sale now (9am to 5pm, 25% off all merchandise). Eat some delicious food and eat even more deserts!! Disfrutan la noche amigos!!!