Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 23, 2020

Is it Friday yet? haha Just kidding every day here is like the weekend.. I hope you had a great weekend and I'm glad you came, cruise in to check us out. 

Low tide waves were breaking pretty fast but there were still some offerings to take.

I heard it was fun during the morning high tide session but I had to make a run to Rivas today for Immigration so we will check out the lunch afternoon session.

Uncle Dan out shredding some waves before spiking some volleyballs.

Such a beautiful day, perfect for a nice dog walk on the beach.

Reminds me of Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Love the pupper doggers.

I'm guessing everybody was surfed out from the morning session as there weren't many people out but..

Check out this photo of Tony Z from the summer time, and expect to see more of this kinda action come Thursday with a little local community surf contest. I'm excited to report for you guys.. I'm thinking multiple reports throughout the day with heat updates. Gonne be fun! Alright guys take it easy see you later.