Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 24, 2017

Hey guys! Kevin here with today's surf report. The sun was out and the wind was strong, but it was offshore all day and conditions were pretty good to surf.

The waves were on the smaller side when I got out there first, but there were some fun runners, even offering a little barrel on a few of them. .

There were both rights and lefts coming in. They were coming in quickly, but there was still a lip to hit.

This guy was making the most of the clean conditions conditions. He was going right, he was going left, he was pulling into tubes, he was throwing a few hacks....

Surprisingly, even though the waves were good, not many people were out. Most likely due to everyone being out at lunch. This guy is posted up at the NSR beach house though, and Colorados is right out front. If it's good, this guy is on it.

Taking advantage of the conditions to pull a nice floater!

At first I thought it was going to be pretty small, but after a little while one set through, and then another...

A few of the sets were closing out, but when the occasional corner did come, it was really good.

Here's a nice right...

This guy made the drop, but instead of pumping along the face, he decided to take the roundabout route

And the section closed out in front of him. I could feel his frustration from the beach.

The drop looks good!

Jason here is staying with us at one of the NSR properties. He was sitting next to me just chatting but as soon as that set came he immediately excused himself, grabbed his board and took off straight to the beach.

It's clear what he's after!

This guy was just sitting on the rights...

This guy was just just pulling into tubes all day. Most of them weren't makeable, but hey, some of them were!

He know exactly how to surf this wave

The face of stoke

Jason made the right call. He scored a few nice waves out there.

Nice hack right there

It was shocking how empty it was

These guys ended up leaving at this time as well!

Right as the sets started coming this guy got out too!

Going the wrong way man!

That's it folks! Couldn't keep looking at it anymore, had to jump in myself! See you out there!