Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hello, I hope your are really well. This week we have three small swell coming from everywhere. The waves are small and fun, but there are periods good and time with calm. The beach club have a nice panorama of the right. We have some waves shoulder high when the tide was almost full. Check it out how the energy in the ocean is moving.

The short break have some huts. The white water was making look rude the wave.

Looks like the inside section is shaping better waves. Some waves were faster and playful there.

Well, a kid surf too much. I call this ( lack of sugar ).

My friend Mario Bellez from San Juan Del Sur is here testing our raw material. He get a little tube today, hopefully he get a big barrel in his stay here.

Here is the first apparition in NSR of ( El Mulo ). He is a local surfer in the line up. His cut is particular now, but this is just the beginning.

Mario bellez was ripping in a 6'3" surfboard. He is surfing so much better after spend three days here in this beach.

Today looks like everybody have more than one good wave. Here is this surfer getting a nice view of this wave.

Is like a show of surf if you are on the beach. The people is watching his families to surf, for see if they get a nice wave to have with how impress the rest of the day.

Some lefts are rolling overhead. There are a big wave every twenty minutes. Some people have lucky for be in a right place for taking.

Check some of them. From the peak was impossible taken, but the shoulder was super good for take off.

This is one of the basic trick for surf. Is fun to do, but have a piece of complication and a percent of adrenaline, who could be multiplicate depending of the size and the shape of the wave.

The last two week we have a lot of caterpillar looking for a place where do the capullo and now the last week all of them are out. The beach and the bush, the garden are full of butterfly. I just have this picture of this one. I see one of the big blue one in the way here.

This is the same spot, where the left in the photo before is crossing. This time was the turn for this right given to this surfer a inch of a tube.

Here is Williams (Texas) Mitchell, ripping in Nicaragua. He was the ripper of the beach. Check some of his quiver of his trick.

Here is Williams in one good reentry. He have some combos of trick down his sleeve.

Some of the famous instrument with the smart phone for take photos is the Selfie stick. Here is a couple on the beach having some fotos of the surfer and them.

Yeah williams. Three fins out the water.

There are some sailboats outside. The catamaran in the back, needed to use the engine to come back home.

Ok. Amigos. That was all for today. Take out you big board and go to catch some waves. Armando Lopez is out. Good bye.