Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 09, 2015

Hello everybody. The week start with some soft waves. There are some sets overhead like you can see here with left and right. The best time to surf is around noon when the tide is picking up. Check it out.

Tony Z was the ripper today. He was on fire taking the best waves and killing the barrels.

Check it out here Tony Z in the green room. Check some of the twenty shot consecutive in this sequence.

Here is Tony in the perfect spot of this line. He have two really clean tube like this one.

YEAH!!!!. Tony. You are in the surf report today. He is Always asking when he will be in the report and today you are the surf star.

ZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! Was riding good this wave all the way. Check here how he keep in the barrel with good style.

And Oscar????. Oscar continue making airs in every wave.

Lester, Oscar brother's is flying too. They together keep the line up ( The air space) very busy.

Here is Peter Kerson in a tube. The last few days Peter is having minimum a tube per day, will see for how long you keep without breaking the récord.

Well, Tony Z have the best waves and my buddy D-lite have( &^&%(!(!)@) session. Here it is expressing his feeling.

What do you think happened? Good barrels?????

Well, he don't want to say nothing, but an hour later the surfboard was in the beach and D-lite was sit down in the bar.

Mr. James Koachar take some waves really long. He was riding this wave for ever. He was close to the Costa Rican border.

Some new faces in the line up today. Here is a visitor ripping in the short break.

Ok. Mis amigos. The surf looks the same for the next three days. So keep enjoying the surf condition and wait for the good waves coming in the end of this week. Armando Lopez is out.