Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello everybody. We have a cloudy day with nice offshore wind. The waves keep kinda small, there are a lot of waves between sets. Check some of the good right to rolling today.

The right was clean and open. The tide was almost full, so the waves were soft.

Mark from California it is here for third time this year. Why he come back to many times? it is obviously.

Dwight is another surfer who come here every year. He have to many surf session in this beach. He probably feel like at home.

We are happy to have a group of seniors here showing to us how ripping after the sixty years old. These man are so respectful, so we enjoy to see them catching and ride a good waves.

Patty and Nicholas are visiting here from Costa Rica searching for some good waves. Here they are ready to paddle out.

Nicolas was helping her to choose the right wave. Here she is dropping a good size wave.

Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!. Patty was killing the waves. She ride four good waves (Left and Right) going all the way to the beach. What we can say. We were fun.....

Well. We keep waiting for big waves, but this size not is to bad. Everybody is enjoying the nice waves with easy barrels and not too strong wipeout. We are chilling.

Ok. The waves are good when the tide is almost full. So see you tomorrow in the afternoon. Armando Lopez is out.