Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 09, 2014

It is a beautiful Sunday in this beach. Check how look the afternoon, when the tide have four hours going up. The water is warm and clear, the cloud cover all the sky. May be a nice sunset tonight.

This wave could be the bigger one in her life. Good drop and good size of wave. Congratulation.

Today was the first day of the season. Everybody was enjoying the good vibra.

Waiting for the sunset. Listen the histories of Esteban. Sixty percent true, forty is joke and lie.

Some people was happy with this type of wave, so good we have waves for every kind of surfers.

His good friend take some waves too. Good moments, perfect choice of surfboard.

Mr. Pedro was looking for barrel today. He is using a really shortboard, look like a flat table.

The waves were better today. The morning is cold and windy, but the afternoon is so different. The wind swell is making good for this wave.

In the critical part of the wave, but one second later.

Some overhead waves breaking out there. Nobody expected this waves. Every body be positive and hope the waves will better tomorrow. In other day in Nicaragua. Armando Lopez is out.