Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 08, 2015

Welcome party people to our Funday Sunday surf report. This is Armando and D-lite bringing you the action this afternoon. Today the waves were running waist to head high with light offshore winds, super blue water and the fun factor was out of control.

We had three different peaks working with lefts and rights alike peeling all the way to the sand. Here we have a guy and his Big Panga making their way through the barrel section.

The ladies were representing today. The bar has been raised on the talent level these days so if you want to get your share of waves out here you better come ready to charge.

You know the local boys are always on their game. You can walk down to the beach at anytime of the day and see them ripping. This is our friend Oscar blasting fins,,,,, sick one!

At times during the day the winds will go almost dead and the surface conditions get super buttery. Is your home break this glassy today?

Here's one of the smaller peaks coming in right out front. Looks pretty fun to say the least. Come on and get some!

We even had some little drainers coming through every now and then. Lucky guy with a nice set up move.

Ahhh, This is the life my friends. Warm water and tasty waves. The boys getting ready for a fun sesh.

Sometimes it's not as easy as you think sitting behind the lens and watching everyone getting sick ones. Don't you feel terrible for us down here in NIcaragua?

Here is a traveler working on his tube riding skills. Sometimes it can seem so easy to pull in to barrels here at our break. This is probably the most common sight that we see everyday.

Well guys, thats gonna wrap it up from us here in Nicaragua for today. We hope you have enjoyed our report. Codo and I are going to go down and grab an evening session and then have a couple of ice cold beers while we are watching a beautiful sunset. Wish you were here,,,,,, Paz!