Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 09, 2012

We made it down to the beach super early this morning to bring you all the action straight to your computers folks.  The waves were running about head high to over head on the bigger sets, winds were a little strong but we are not complaining about it and the lineup was pretty light.  Check it out!

We had waves all over the place.  The view down south the beach!

Would you call this perfection?  Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

We also had some sick rights coming in and our very own Pancho Sanchez was there to score some of them.

The lefts were doing their thing today, as you can see.  They were kinda fast but there were some makeable for sure.

Any idea why we call this spot Playa C,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?  Just check the colors on this thing!

El Codo Lopez made it out for a couple minutes and he was able to catch a few decent ones.  Check him out attacking this little section!

Unknown rider pulling into a gnarly one.  Charginggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From a gnarly one to a clean one.  Wooo, it was nice to see everyone out there getting some sick waves.

A couple of ladies made it to the beach and they took advantage of the beautiful day we had.  Welcome down chica!

Nobody was working on turns today, everybody wanted to get pitted.  This guy had a couple of cool turns so we decided to post one of them.

This guy had one of the cleaner barrels of the day, just take a look at this shot.  Cool angle, uh!  We have the whole sequence pal, including the bad a,, turn you made at the end.

Carlitos, one of the better tube riders in the whole country made it out and he scored as always.  Just chilling and getting some shade!

I got not much to say on this one.  The pic talks itself!

Working on the pigdog style.  Dale pelon!!!

We had fun waves rolling in all day long, even at high tide.  November is giving us some sick surf, don't you think?

Barrels everywhere pals, check out this little sequence.  Shot 1, setting up!

Totally covered!

Gone and still going!

And out, we have about 15 shots sequence of this wave.  Too many to post!

I've been taking photos of this spot for about 9 years and I always get to find a new angle.  God bless my eyes!

Keep an eye in the upcoming contest at Playa Maderas tomorrow.  Stop by and have a good time with your friends and the local people.  Lucha out!