Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The swell stayed around with us and we are not complaining.  The surf was super fun running about chest to head high with a couple over head waves on sets, the wind was still strong but it died a little bit compared to yesterday.  Check out the lineup!

The first action shot of the day goes to Stuart racing down the line on this nice sized right.  He was able to catch many fun waves today and he was more than stoked.  It looks like that arm is working well buddy!

Andy “The Howler Monkey” picked up some nice form lefts and rights all morning long.  Check out how clean this wave is.  Woooooo, one of the better ones of the day!!!

I climbed for a while, trying to get a different perspective of the surf.  Here I caught Scott doing his thing on his backside.

This girl made it out to the lineup on her own and we have to say that she was charging.  Here she is caught just seconds before she went straight up for a nice off the top.

Jeff felt a little bit better of his back and paddled out on his shortboard.  It is so nice when we have some swell in the water, it makes everybody happy!

After getting shacked all over the place yesterday, Jaimito was only worried about feeding himself well.  Buen Provecho Jaimito!

A few locals were out taking advantage of their knowledge at their home break.  Check out this one about to go down the line after a late take off.

Later on the afternoon we got back to the same spot and it was still super fun, and there were plenty of waves to be taken.  Check out these two guys having a blast on this set.

Dave didn't surf in the morning but in the afternoon he was the man, scoring some of better rights we had rolling in.  Here he is styliing on this one.

A few rippers were out, destroying every single wave they caught.  Sweet backside snap by an unknown rider.

The nature shot of the day goes to Francisquito, holding itself and posing for the camera.  Hola Chiquito!!!

Alright folks, this was Lucha Libre from somewhere in the pacific coast of Nicaragua.  Hopefully we’ll get more waves tomorrow!!!