Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 03, 2014

Hello everybody. Today the wind and the cloud made the air a little cold. We need to use rashguard and the waves break a little fast with good shape. Check it out.

Some overhead waves come in the sets. Not too consistent and the crowd was bigger than yesterday, only ten surfers in the water.

Some peaks were working. All the people were entertaining. Trying to catch up the wave.

The locals keep working but his mind is in the waves. Bad place to work.( In front the surf spot ).

You see how flat look the ocean, we need some swell for the next day, the sand bank is good and the wind is ready for made a nice shape to the waves.

Sometime is better get out and avoid the accident, but sometime is better pushing the other guy get out the way.

This is better. When nobody stands up in front you pretending don't see you.

Ok. The swell say we keep having the same conditions for the next days. We hope they are wrong. So keep checking the report to see what happen. See you tomorrow Armando Lopez is out.