Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hey everyone, Brian here , bringing the action from the beach today. We had an early morning session today and scored some fun peaky wedges in the waist to chest high range and light offshore winds. Check it out!

It was super glassy and nice little a-frames coming in up and down the beach. "Maryland" Mike woke up early to get the "worm" (barrel duh), dropping into a nice one.

Left or Right? How about both. Gustavo and Jamil made it over from Salinas early. They didn't come alone either, brought a group of surfers fresh off the jet. I guess the word got out where the waves were good.

Eye candy for surfers.

A few reeling rights down the way. Yes please!

Clear moon and sunrise at the same time.

Breakfast anyone? How long do think it took him to perfect that cast net throw?

New surfers fresh off the jet and warming up nicely with a sick end to sweet section.

Jamil giving some pointers to one of his guests or telling him that's the last free bee.

Gustavo, holding on and trying to keep his line on a frothy backside barrel section.

Doesn't that look inviting? What are you waiting for? Come down and check out Nicaragua for yourself. That's it for today folks, should be fun sized surf for the following week so stay tuned. Hasta manana amigos!