Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 29, 2016

Welcome to the surf report primos mis amigos!!!. We have a little more of energy in the ocean today. Here is one of our point break, breaking far away with a nice ramp to made some tricks. Check what happen today in the beach.

We started the show with this air of Oscar. He burn Norlan ( El Buchon ) and is trying a air close to his friend.

Ohhh!!!! Watch out, Norlan, Oscar fins are coming to you,,.. This trick looks so cool in real life, but check the next one.

This is my favorite air of the morning session. Oscar is glad to be part of the NSR surf team and in this high air the NSR sticker is in the nose of his surfboard pointing down.

Here is one of the surfers getting barreled. This right was the most perfect and open wave in the morning when the tide just start to come in.

The locals know how made barrels out, because this is what this wave is made. But when we see the visitors made a tricks is when we learned, what tricks looks good in the right spot of the wave.

Here is a surfer making a kinda 360* in the corner of this wave. So watch and learn.

He was bending the body before to hit the last part of the wave with his surfboard tail and now he have the surfboard in the air. Next step;;; the landing...

He fell with the tail going in reverse and here he is landing in the top of the wave to absorb the weight.

And is done..... Good budy,,,..

The Shape of Shapeshifter David Barr was killing the biggest waves in the sets. Here he is making a sick turn in this right.

And another cut in the same wave. This man surf with a style do I call fast and furious.

The offshore wind was estable all day. Here is Claudio enjoying his last day of surf in this surf trip. Good bye to Brazil bro!!.

I think Roma was the best surfer in the water. He was making multiples tricks, like this floater to end this wave.

And here is Roman in one tube. The wave today have a good shape to multiples surf tricks.

And here is Bernardo loosing his barrel. Whyyyyyy mannnn????. Ok. It's time to go!!, So see you tomorrow. And just to you know there is a Halloween party tonight in Magnific Rock so see ya! there!!!. DJ A.J.L.V is out.