Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey what's up people? Brian here, welcome back to another sunny day here in Nicaragua! Another day of perfect weather for the month of October, but small surf today. Inconsistent waist to the once in a while chest high wave today with steady offshore winds. Hardly anyone in the water today, only a couple local kids and a lone drifter from Gigante. Check it out.

When I got down to the beach Lesther and Oscar were just getting out of the water. They got tired of waiting for waves and instead, were cooling off in the tide pools on the sand bar. That's one way to stay cool and melt the wax of your board at the same time.

A few minutes later Carlos came running up the beach and decided to paddle out and catch a few. Small but fun, racy little right.

I guess everyone is resting up for the pulse coming later in the week, because the beach was empty.

Waist high and still room to get under the shade. Just think how much easier it is when it's bigger.

One of the better ones of the morning that went unridden.

Carlos getting lucky with a nice floater section.

If the waves are too small for you on days like this, you can always hit the golf course and work on your game. Grass is green and ready for play! All you need is some clubs, golf cart, and cooler of cold Tonas for you and your boys!

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That's it for today people, looks like we might see some improvement towards the second half of the week so stay tuned. Hasta manana amigos!