Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hello everybody!!!. We have a nice sunny day with some little waves. Every body have a good time with the party last night in Mag Rock, so some one are watching football or lay down in the hammock, so the line up no was to busy. Check it ou.


I see three locals and a few visitor surfing this peak with the low tide, so follow me to the beach and see what this surfers can do.

Close to the beach the wave looks bigger. Here is carlitos Perez making the bottom turn in this right... This wave looks overhead and juicy. Makes me want to surf.

Here is one good way to destroying the wave. The locals made this trick so easy. I thinks is the most common trick we made here.

The cut looks simple but is no to easy. With the type of the wave and the angle you get in the turn can be complicated. This man looks like gonna put the nose of the surfboard under the water.

This is the proof of Michael is a little pansy. He talk a lot about barrel and now se what he do!!!! run away from this tube. Ho mann we trust on you.

I want to show you the new nica air line, is Oscar air line. This local surfer is getting high surf level in the last few years. Now he is landing a lot of his air, i think soon he could be the first local champion in the Nica circuit.

All the locals are in the NSR surf team, so when they see me coming down to the beach they start throwing tricks. Here is carlitos making a front side 360*.

Well, we have some small waves but with good shape and water color, so we are happy. The next week will bring a new little swell, so we were waiting.

I meet these two beutiful girls on the beach today. Lola and Ivonne are here modeling the very new colection of D'KoKo bathing suits. The colors and the texture are high qualite and the design are original. Nice work Michelle!! This is the first colections of this brand made a hundred per cent in Nicaragua. Remember you can always pick up D'Koko gear at the NSR Surf Shop!

Lola and Evonne are beautiful and this is the inspirations of this collection. These bathing suit are nice but useful to surf so the girls can still looks good when are surfing. We are seling these Bikinis in our shop.

Be a surf photographer is cool, but be a model photographer is to more way better, I think I need to quit my job and start photographer girls.....Thanks Lola and Ivonne for you time you are so gorgeous. Armando Lopez is out.