Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's up amigos?  Lucha Libre is back with your Tuesday's surf report.  We made it to the beach in the morning and we didn't even find a soul in the water.  Shoulder high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and killer water temperature.  Check it out!

We waited for about 40 minutes until Mr Foster showed up and made it out to score some fun ones.  Just steps away from fun!

These 3 guys were enjoying the first morning light and they were chilling.  Welcome down amigos!

Andrew started shredding right away.  Hacking a nice little section!

He was also having fun on his backhand.  Check out this little sequence!

Shot 2, floating over!

And finishing up!

Andrew was the only one out, until Dario arrived and made it to the lineup.  Check him out picking up a nice lefty!

Last action shot also goes to Andrew with a beautiful snap on this little nugget.  Way to go fella!

The only spectator on the beach today, enjoying the short show.   Please check back tomorrow!