Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 28, 2016

Hi everybody!!!. Here we are with another day in a boat trip with the NSR surf report. We went to check a place with the tide coming in. The swell no was here yet, but we have some moments with good waves. check it out.

Yeeeeeuuupppp!!!!. All the crew is ready to paddle out and catch the boat. This time we have a group of friends from Brazil traveling with their sons. Here is Rio represent.

We have two good waves in the set. Here is Fred paddling hard to don't lose this pretty wave. Go!!! Fred.

Well, this wave don't looks bad at all eh Fred!!. We have the onshore wind coming after eleven AM, but for about two hours we have this glassy wind conditions.

I have the placer to know to Roberta. She was a Boogie Board champion in Brazil. I see her catching so many waves today and she was ripping, I think more than anybody.

I think the reason why we surf is because we can be a adult, but we can still playing (surfing) like in a playground. Here is Roberta riding one more wave in Nicaragua.

Oh!!! Check the water color, is soo clean the last few days. Here is Bernardo riding one nice left. What you have for us Bernart???. Show up a trick.....

Here we go!!!. Here is bernart making a turn. This is all he have, but we give you six point for that.

This was the last place with nice wind in the morning. Claudio have the opportunity of get some of the nice waves in the morning. The sun was shine sometimes and there are times with clouds and we was alone in the line up. : )

Claudio was making some good turns. He was getting the medium size waves and was making of two to three turns per wave.

BUUUUUAAAAAA!!!!.Check this one. Claudio was hitting hard the crest of the wave.

Eduardo was looking for a barrilito in the inside session. He no have a tube in this wave, but he get one in the next wave.

Here is!!!!. This is the only barrel of the morning!!!. Congratulation bro!!!..

Guillerme was part of the party. The surf experience of this young surfer after this week it's already unforgotten.

Here is Guillerme in another long left. He was learning how made his turn more radical, three more times in this surf spot and he will be good.

I want you see this kid. I remember him learning to surf eight month ago

I remember him having fear just to paddle out. And now he is a Monster surfer. He is soo good. GA surfboard need to be glad of him.

Ok. mis amigos. That was all for today. Have fun and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez si out.