Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hello everybody. Today was the Oakley surf shop challenge. The waves were fun and the competitor( High level). All the organization was in time and professional, everybody  here was put attention to the competition all the time, Good feeling everywhere. Check what happened.

The first competitor were so happy going out there. This was electrizante, The locals were put attention to kill the others group in the National championship of Nicaragua the next year.

Sets start coming. The rights were really good, The competition was going fluid.

Some sets were good. This was a late drop, I think This wave give you a nice challenger size wave even in the worst days of the year.

Do I say high level? That's surfers were flying in the garden. This amazing group were pushing their level to show what oakley means.

Airs backside and frontside, this surf contest was a party of good tricks.

They do the right trick in the part of the wave. Were some good scream from the beach for this tricks.

All teams were using tecnica and talking about the best spot and stretching a little.

Some good cuts, today this surfers show way they are the best.

Sometimes, in the last second, pump, hit with a good executions.

The drones will never be able to imitate this Honey Bird, he was like forty minutes charging his battery with honey. God had to create this amazing little guy.

The low tide was the best option. The day was a little cloudy and fresh wind, a little onshore wind start coming. The Oakley flag say is a real onshore wind.

This was one of the best heat. For me he was one of the best. He don't want to say his name. I am sorry//// We call the ripper surfer.

Bang,,,, another one, nobody can say, that wasn't a good execution.

A little later, the contest were more CHALLENGE because the wave was smaller, but this crow know how destroyed and get a good punctuation in small waves.

Hey take a moment, every locals can do that and may be better, In the next surf event may be we can participate too.

Winner team, Sunrise surf shop Florida %$&$* yea.... Trofeo, Champañe and Toña, congratulations Champions.

Hey,,,.. Heeeeeey..... ,,,,, Dale al suave. ( Take it easy ) the competitions end and your all ready won.

Ok...  .... ok... I understand now. Everything has to be in a good fun. Salud amigos. I hope everyone had fun. Have a good night. Armando Lopez is out.