Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 15, 2012

Good Monday morning people! Brian, here again with what looks like could be an onshore day. Light and variable winds this morning and glassy surf in the shoulder to head high range, and only a couple locals out. We were getting spoiled for the first half of October, but now it looks like our luck has run out, but there were still a few fun waves to be had this morning. Check it out!

Lesther and a few of the other local kids were the only ones out this morning. I guess everyone finally hopped on the plane or on a boat. Oil slick corners coming in for a little while.

Chef Gustavo also made it out, he wasn't about to let the groms have all the fun. Setting up on a nice lefthander.

Lesther pulling an "Ace" on Gustavo's "King", holding up in a tight right hander barrel.

It was hard to tell whether the wind was onshore or offshore throughout the morning. The wind was so light and variable, by the looks of this wave you would think it was going off.

It was pretty much Lesther and Gustavo trading waves all morning, this time it was Lesther's turn. Nica Young Guns laying down power turns!

I smell something burning, oh wait that's just the Chef on fire with a sick little lefthanded grinder!

Lesther had to step it up on the next one after seeing Gustavo in the green room. Taking advantage of the sections and boosting!

Did I mention we had a cheerleader rooting the guys on out in the water? Our cheerleaders have better uniforms than yours right? That's it for today guys, try and surf in the mornings this week because it looks like the onshores might be taking over in the afternoons. Hasta manana amigos!