Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's another beautiful day in paradise this Thursday. Theo here getting the report posted so I can go surf! It's a little smaller today, but looking super fun.

Smooth and glassy this morning with a higher tide. It was all about turns today.

No discrimination today, lefts and rights available all morning.

One of our local shredders looking for the tube here, unfortunately not finding it.

The sets were still coming through with a bit more size. It's all about waiting for the right one.


Nice backside cutty my friend, putting it on rail.

It's always tough to be behind a camera when it looks this fun.

They busted out the heavy machinery a few days ago to dig out the river mouth. New sandbars are goood.

Two for one special shot, that right peak was looking good.

Another wave off that same right peak.



And 4, That's it for today amigos, thanks for checking in with us. Come stay with NSR and get the experience first hand, it's not too late this season! Theo saying adios until next time.