Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hello friends, perfect offshore wind and swell a little, the water is warm and clear, today was better surf in the morning.

Good right a little overhead, good shape for maneuvering.

This wave constantly broke, look like the left and right had good line.

Oscar fits well in any tube. no matter if it is 1 foot high.

We can see again with the pass of Black hawk.

So look at the waves of the beach house of NSR. The swell brought overhead waves.

Some pits in the morning. All those clouds on the horizon brought some onshore in the afternoon.

Today was the " Blanquita " birthday And we had a beach party.

The local boys "NICA DA HUI" were presented at the event.

Weaker boys also were present and the ugliest too.

Seth and Lindsay were also. Enjoying the moonlight.

I wanted to get a girlfriend but the other guys played dirty and took it away.

We did a small volcano and then exploded.

And then came time to eat pelibuey. Miguel ate two pounds of ribs.

The girls began the party but the DJ Miguel did not know how to dance.

Venezuelan girls are considered the sexiest girls and the locals were lucky.

Ok. I have some pictures artistic to say goodbye.

Have a nice day and goodbye, see you tomorrow in another surf report, Armando Lopez is out.