Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hey primos and welcome to the surf report for Southern Nicaragua with Parker! The clouds rolled in but the waves stayed around chest to head high with light offshore winds. Check out today's shots.

As soon as I arrived, Lesther dropped in on a nice set wave. For your sake, keep scrolling down!

Thanks for a new phone background Lesther!!

The barrels never like how deep Lesther gets... Keep hanging on hombre!

Yeww!! Nice wave amigo and keep it up!

Tim is visiting us and also snagged a gem. He always brings the smiles, laughs, and occassional economics lesson in the line up.

Possun made the trip from New Zealand and it seems like the jet lag has not affected him at all! He threw multiple airs this morning.

Now that the waves are a changing size, come swap out that step up your rented from us for a shorter board. We have some Firewire Tomos, a sick Hypto Krypto, Robert August longboards, and many more among our 125+ board quiver. Come change boards so you have the perfect board depending on the conditions!

Want this to be your office? Buena Onda Beach Resort on Playa Santana is looking for a GM of resort operations. If you are interested feel free to request more information by sending an email to [email protected] or check the job description on their Facebook site (Buena Onda Surf Nicaragua).

Sometimes our heavy beach break wins. However, we all respect the charge on a thick wave!

Dylan and his girlfriend Lindsay are visiting from San Diego. We've been talking about all the cool spots to visit in our respective hometowns. Because it is lunch time, all I can think about is devouring my first In N Out burger...

Austin was out there this morning and wanted to throw some buckets of water around too. He didn't need the offshore winds to make a big spray!

In case you guys missed it, Open Mic Night (and the dancing) was last night. It's an awesome time so I can understand why there are some leftovers in your surfing!

All the goofy footers had rides for the last week. Now it's our turn for the regular footers to enjoy some rights!

When the tide gets low, there are some drainers off the sandbar. Go and catch a few fast ones for yourself!

We want to give a big welcome to our new maintenance man Marvin! Soon, he will be out there ripping with us. If you guys saw your photos on the report, shoot me an email ([email protected]). Otherwise, keep checking back with us! Adios amigos!!