Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 10, 2010

Big final tomorrow at Playa Maderas!!!

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre Garcia reporting from one of my favorite spots to shoot down here in Nicaragua.  Today I got hired by a couple guys from California, they were super cool and really good surfers.  The waves were kinda small but it was super fun in the morning.  Now It is a little weird to talk about the wind conditions but we have to do it.  It was offshore in the morning but then turned to cross onshore around11:00 am but we still were able to score many fun ones.  Check it out!!!

On the first shot of the crew we have Keenan expanding his wings to give more power to his frontside maneuver.  He did many cool turns that it was a little hard for me to pick up this one!

This is Scott, one of the other guys part of the crew.  He was throwing some huge man fan sprays all over the place.  Here he is about to throw some buckets on this one.

The last part of the crew sat in the right spot and scored many of the better waves we had rolling in.  Here I caught Jack styling on his backside ride.  It was very nice to meeting you all guys, I had a really good time.

The lineup was a little busy during the morning but we had plenty of fun waves to share.  Check out the Rasta Man with a solid backside turn on this left.

There were some pretty good lines coming in.  Here is caught this unknown rider picking up a nice form right all the way in to the beach.

As we said before we have many fun ones rolling in, but mostly all the best ones were rights.  Here is "La Chinbomba" trying to get some shade on this little nugget.

Lucha always get to find a cute girl on the beach.  This one is from Argentina and she was having a blast on the beach, taking sun and enjoying the reading.

Lots of good surfers showed out to the beach today and were crusing it.  Check out this dude with a cool close up shot.  Lucha almost was shooting in the water today!

We had a few nice sized sets coming in but they were really hard to catch.  This guy waited it for a while and it did pay off.  Check him out bottom turning it with a cool style.  Hey bro, we have all the sequence on this one!

Taco showed out to the beach a little late, but he still picked up some fun ones.  Check out this sweet little sequence I got of him. 

Even after a big night, he can surf good the next day.  Right on the lip!

Is he going to pull that up? 

Sick move Taco.  Do you want to buy the sequence?  Ha,ha, I just kidding pal!

On the last action shot of the day we have this unknown rider attacking the lip of this wave with a sweet vertical move.  We have a couple of nice shots of you buddy, so let us know if you want to check them out! 

I am tired and humgry, so it is time for dinner.  Check back with us tomorrow and do not forget to stop by Playa Maderas if you are around.  We are going to have the last date of the national surf circuit.