Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 11, 2006

Sorry folks, it rained all day yesterday and we didn't make it to the beach with the camera. Today, we got up early and checked out the scene at Maderas. The aftermath of yesterday's storm has left us with some bad wind conditions - that, combined with some windswell did not bode well for the surf today. Check it out.

Notice how there is nobody out...there were however, the occasional corners coming in. This one looked kind of fun, about head high or so and super shiney in the morning sun.

Hey, the three brothers who run the hostel at Maderas are building some more rooms! See that brick structure going up next to the treehouse - that's it. For $5/night, you can stay right here at the beach and surf all day. Business is good.

These shots aren't from today, but we just received them from our friends at "The PIT" surfshop in St. Augustine, FL. Thanks for sending them in. We think this is Salong from Limon.