Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hi there, Lucha Libre is here with a quick update for your Tuesday report.  The conditions were still the same today. strong onshore winds, small waves, and rain every now and then.  Check it out!!!

Mostly cloudy all day, so we did our best to snap some pics.  A few chicks made it out and they rode some decent ones.

A couple of shredders were out and they found some sections to rip apart.  Do not shoot anybody fella!

Always nice to share a good moment with your chick.  Travel together it is a good call, makes everone happy.

Sunshine for about five minutes, and this guy scored the pics of the day.  Going backside!

And also frontside.  There is still some playful corners out there, you just need to be patient.

Mr Alex has been doing really good job at the Hacienda Iguana School.  Teaching some english class!!!

Meal plan included at the school.  Kids were all smiles!

That's all for today folks.  Please check back tomorrow.