Playa Santana, more formally known as Playa Jiquiliste, is a wedgy beach break. You can always find a fun peak that offers a barrel and rippable corners. On small swell pulses, this break is punchy and rampy. When the swell get’s bigger, it’s a full-on barrel-fest. If there’s one bummer about Playa Santana, it’s the crowd of locals that live in the adjacent Limon town. It's rare to surf this break alone; however, there are multiple peaks along the beach. ADVICE: The wave turns on at mid to high tide and stays fun until about mid-tide going out. If you want to beat the crowd, try waiting until after high-tide to paddle out. When the water cool is our early season, less locals are surfing. WATCH OUT FOR: Other surfers and scattered boulders on the bottom!