Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 28, 2016

Que paso amigos?! Welcome back to the NSR surf report with Parker. There is a little more energy in the water so keep scrolling down!

First, I checked a break slightly north to see what was going on. I found mushy waves hitting the reef and then fun shorebreak.

Lenin Espinoza was enjoying the playful waves. Regardless of the conditions, he rips and has fun.

It's a tough work balance for him... He guides and gives lessons while he gets to catch a few waves! Here is one of his surf students tackling a left.

As the weekend progresses, the swell should be picking up more and more. In the meantime, catch it around a mid or low tide for the best shape.

At the beachie, there was a little more action. Check out a few of the nuggets this guy and I found here.

Look closer... his right leg is laying on the board. Squeeze squeeze squeeze hombre!!

And then punch through. Nice tubito buddy!

Lenin Martinez was enjoying his day off. Normally, he gets to surf a goofy footer's paradise but he wanted to surf with his brother in law today.

Lenin is one of the coolest and funnest guys to surf with. He's always smiling and cracking jokes. Occassionally, he cracks the lip of the wave too.

The tide will be lower for the next couple of hours so see if you can catch a set wave or two. The sets deliver waves in the shoulder high region but the in betweeners are about stomach to chest high.

If you need a fish or longer board, swing by the NSR shop before you paddle out. Check out our new Vissla shorts while you're at it too!

Alright damas and caballeros, thanks for checking out today's shots! Get out there for a few before the weekend swell comes. Have a good upcoming weekend primos!!