Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 28, 2011

We’ve got Lucha Libre today with the Thursday surf report from down south.  The swell showed up today and there were definitely some mini bumps cleaning up the whole lineup.  Just 3 guys were out trying to get some but it was pretty hard because the currents were doing their things.  Check it out!

The in between sets were decents and the guys out were taking advantage on those.  That looks like fun, isn’t it?

Quite a few trucks made it to the beach, stayed for 10 minutes to check the surf out and then they left.  I do not blame them because it was pretty tough out there.

Did I say pretty tough?  Check out this dude getting worked on this one.  Ouchhhhhh!!!

As I said before the in between ones were the better ones.  Unknown pal going big with a cool round house.

Since the waves were not that friendly today, the beginners decided to be safe and stayed in the white water.  Paddle out to the lineup folk!

Two or three guys were charging out there, getting into some deep closed out and dropping into some racy ones.  Check out this one working on his backside drop.

Last shot of the day goes to Jimbo with a cool off the top on this closed out section.  Please check back tomorrow!