Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hello everybody. All day we were waiting to see the first touch of the new swell and here it is. The sets don't stop for about one hours. The people in the lineup probably were surprised for some of the waves in this peak.

Today I don't go to show you good tricks because the people were beaten for the waves. Like this surfer here who was too late making the drop.

The wind was strong in the morning, but is dropping right now. Check how start to looks the barrels.

A lot of empty waves. Here is another good wave in the sets. My friend ( Wax ) was sit down be side me and he tell me this were the best moment of all day. So a lot of people probably were checking the waves before me and they don't go to believe this is true.

Here is another surfer trying get a tube. My friend ( Wax ) and I were just making this sound when the surfers were falling. HHHhhhhhhhhhhhh. Like Homero Simpson.

Here we go!!!!. This is the few surfer getting a shack. But obviously because he burning somebody waves, other surfer make that to him too.

Here is everybody trying to save his life. Check how big the waves are right now and the swell is just arriving.

There are three peaks working today. This surfer here found a corner to make a cut in one of this left in the South peak.

Ok. Amigos. This spot is good for water shot. If you are looking for a great picture of you in a big barrel, bring here two boards and go get a shack. Armando Lopez is out.

Here is another surfer looking to be cover for the lip of this wave. We are waiting for some bigger waves tomorrow morning.

Well we're more wipeout of people riding the waves. Here is this surfer going to be in the washing machine.