Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 29, 2016

Hi there!!!!. The waves still small, but fun. This peak have a perfect left and the right have tubes rolling a little fast. There are three waves in the sets and the second waves are the best one. Check it out.


There are few people in the line up and some of them found a tubitos. The water is super clean the last days, just be in the water feel so good.

This is the last day of small waves. This week was not to bad with the size of the waves. I see people beginners having so fun the last few days. But now it's time for the real waves.

There always a place for a late back. This trick look simple but it's hard to realise. When you see a wave come to you from the other way, think about to realise one of this tricks.

Check this wave. This surfer was so lucky of found this wave for his film with the Go pro.

This local surfer found some place for airs. Oscar was ripping in this size of wave, if he can do this trick we can do too. Hahahahaha.

Check again Oscar in this left. He is passing again for the same spot looking for another air.

I observe to all the locals during the last years and I know this surfers liked to make airs in this size of wave and kind of waves. That mean this size its probably good for experiment because have enought speed and the fall to dosen't hurt.

Another surfer catch a wave and made a sick cut in this left. This wave have the best line today and good wall.

Yeeeaaaahhhh!!!! buddy!!!. Sick!!!. I surf every day and if i made a trick like this one I am happy. Well, you made a good trick and you are in the surf report. Tell to all you friends you made it.

Ok. Amigos. We pass already the small waves. If you have the the premiun surf forcast of surf line check the two week of really good waves coming to us. looks like we gonna be super fun again. Armando Lopez is out.