Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 08, 2016

Hello surfers and audience of the surf report. We are passing for some of the flat days of surf of this year. The waves are breaking just a feet high, but the shape still good. There is a good offshore wind during all day. Check it out.

Even in this small days Kevin Cortez still flying. This right is breaking with good shape, but not have to much power. The small guys or people with longboard have more chance of take waves.

The biggest waves in the sets have a little energy for made possible the ride of some waves with shortboard.

This surfer was founding the way to rip in this conditions. Just be in the water was fun, the crowd is light so was possible to catch some waves.

The waves have lefts and rights. Some lines were rolling faster than other one. The high tide is more mushy, so the middle tide is the best to surf.

the small surfer in the alineation ( Michael ) was trying to fit in this small waves.

Michael was catching the waves really early. So, he was the onlyone having fun in his size of waves.

Kevin is using a surfboard small, but really thick, so this made possible to get speed and the surfboard is twin fins and that made more easy the turns.

Its good if you keep a classic board in your quiver for those days. The single fin and longboard are the call for this days.

Ok. Mis amigos. We have another day with small day until the new swell start hitting the beach. Have fun until that day. Armando Lopez is out.