Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hola everybody!  Eric here checkin' in with your Sunday surf report from somewhere in Nicaragua.  The waves were firing today, overhead on sets and that beautiful offshore wind has been blowing steady all day long.  I got down to the beach as the tide started to drop and there were barrels to be had!  Check it out!

When the tide starts to go low at this spot it will get as hollow as anywhere on the pacific coast.  Unknown man cruising deep on this left!

I think this is the same man from the previous photo.  Finding his way away from the barrels to smack the lip on this right!

I walked down the beach to get a look at another wave.  The sets were macking out there!  Only a few guys out and some epic waves storming through!

This is Tom from California, way out in the flats and starting into his bottom turn.  This wave was breaking way out and Tom was getting his workout in today!  Well worth it I'd say!

Pancho Sanchez was out there when I got to the beach.  Doing what he does best... Chasing down big tubes!  If you look at the end of the tube section you can see where another surfer was paddling for this wave!  Quit snowballing waves!!!

Mr. Brown was out there and I saw him get a few good waves.  I had to post a few shots of him dropping in on one of the heaviest sets of the morning.  About to jump off a cliff! 

Next shot and he's still up high on that thing!

A couple shots later and he sticks it!   That's what I call a late drop!

I wanted to post the whole sequence of this wave of Panchos but it's about fifteen shots of an empty wave and then he comes flying out!  Instead I'll just show you a couple crucial photos.  Pulling in with perfect form!  Ya Bryan!!

About six shots later and still no sign of the man!  I had confidence in you though Pancho!

Another six or so shots later and he comes flying out of the exit!  Sick wave my man!

Aaaaahhhhh!!  Don't you just love it when this happens to you?  Look at that barrel section!!

Another kid out away from the tube and ripping a nice backside turn.  Displacing some agua!

Take a good look because you don't see this too often.  Local barrel hunter Carlos straighting away from a mean one!  Que haces Carlos?!?!

You gotta love it when every set that comes through is just a perfect, dredging tube!  Unknown surfer looking for that sweet, shady room!

One more shot of Pancho looking to get shacked on a sick one!  This man was on a mission today!  Don't look so relaxed there Panchito!

Another unknown maje on another beautiful and perfect ola.  If you're thinking about planning a trip to Nica be sure and get ahold of us here at NSR .  We can make sure you're in the same place this man is!

This is way down the line of the wave that you saw Mr. Brown dropping in on!  Still barreling!!  Get in that thing amigo!

Most of these waves were super hollow and easy to get into the tube.  This man had to do a little work to get in this postion.  High and dry!

So it was a pretty epic day of waves down here.  That's all the action we have for today.  We'll be here again tomorrow with whatever the ocean sends our way.  Thanks for tuning in with us and be sure and check back for another daily update tomorrow!  Stay suave for now, I'm out like a trout!