Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 08, 2011

What's up party people?  This is Eric posting up today's surf report from an undisclosed location on Nicaragua's Pacific coast.  The waves were great all day long, running about head to occasional slightly overhead with perfect offshore winds the whole day!  Check out the surf!

I hung out at the beach with a nice group of guys from California today.  This is Dominic about to hit the lip on his frontside!

Another man from the Cali group, Steve paddled out and was a wave magnet this morning.  Here he is pulling into a nice sized left, one of many that he caught today!

Spencer caught some sick waves today, he pulled into this thick little tube on the inside later on in the afternoon.  Standing tall!

The lineup got pretty crowded at times today.  These guys were seen happily sharing a sweet righthander that came through!

This shot, taken from the NSR beach house, gives a good perspective on the traffic out in the lineup.  Still, there are always some empty gems rolling in!

Earlier today, there were some young kids from California that were destroying these playful waves!  Here's one of the kids ripping a big turn on this left!

NSR team member, Carl "Carlos Caliente" is back from a long vacation.  Looks like he still remembers what to do at home!

Surfari charters team member, Brodie, showed up and was blowing up!  Going for the backflip!

Any guesses as to what kind of fish this man had?  Whatever it may have been, it's obvious that it was BIG.  You can bet that not even this fish tail goes to waste!

Here's one of the many great tubes that went down out here.  Unknown surfer getting his share of time in the green room!

Steve and Spencer have a father/son paddle out, while local kid Lester gets himself a sweet barrel.  That's all we have for you today my friends.  Be sure and check back with us tomorrow for all of the action straight from the beach!  Keep it real!