Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre Garcia is here back at our backyard to bring you some of the action we had today.  The waves were kinda small, running in the shoulder high range, winds were nice offshore and the water was fresh.  Check it out!!

Mr Dawson made it out on a killer mini fish and he waves having a blast.  Check him out picking a sweet peeler.

A few girls made it out and the were taking lots of cool rides.  Here is caught this one on a beautiful nugget.

There were some shredders in the lineup for sure.  Here is caught this one going big with a cool floater.

Did I say some shredders?  Check out this one blasting fins out.

Sweet little barrels to chase today but you really had to know how to make it happen.  Stall in amigo!

Oscar is caught here with a cool little sequence.  Shot 1, getting ready to fly!

Shot 2, flying!

Shot 3, right on the best section to land it!

Shot 4, holding on tight!

Clean and safe!

Last action shot of the day goes to this fella with a cool spray.  Way to go muchacho!