Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 09, 2016

Hi everybody!!!. This is the surf report from Nicaragua. The waves pick up a little bit today. The waves are coming more consistent and stronger. It is a really cloudy day, so the air feel cool. Check it out.

The sets are bringing three to four waves in serie. the last one was the bigger and the rights keep the longer and better waves.

The high tide was in the morning and the waves were more mushi. The low tide have better waves, but we don't see to many tubes. The waves were good for maneuvers.

The drop is easy and the waves have a good lines for play. The waves start to be almost overhead, so that is a good signal.

The Broncos were ready for a ridde on the beach and the new boy in the herd was learning the job. Ride a horses is one of the cool things you can do here on the beach if the waves are not to good for you.

Here is the view of the ramps in the waves. Today looks like the new swell is arriving, so be ready for the next days.

After some flat day we start watching this sets come and we have a big smile. The next tide probably will have better waves, so that made us so excited.

The last month this right have the best shape and looks like this year is the year of the rights for a country considered a left zone. I am regular foot, so that is good for me.

Don't lose any opportunity of be in the water the next days, so make sure you surfboard are already fixed and you have not work for be in the water during the best days of this season.

People is checking the water to see if the swell is arriving and some of them are already catching some waves. The playground is open.

What come to you mind after see one right like this one. I see that thin lip in the wave and I want to made a turn in the very top of the wave. Or made a stop in the middle of the wave, drag my hand a little bit and try to get a shack.

I have a long time of don't see a floater. This one was a little sick, so I posting for refresh your mind, so probably your go to trying some of them.

The few waves rolling lefts were taking for Oscar Espinosa and he was destroying them. The left are short now, so the goofy footer are enjoying the few there are.

The tide will be high around sunset time so see you in the line up. This right probably will have more lines during the rest of the afternoon, so I will be there.

Marvin is testing the roof and the channels, because looks like today we will have a big rain.

And remember today is a big party in Magnific Rock. There are always some pretty girls over there and good music. Go around nine to ten!!! Pm.

Ok. Mis amigos my ride it's going I see you later. Armando Lopez is out.