Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hello world! This is Jeremiah “Chewy” bringing you the surf report for Wednesday July 8th. The surf was fun running well overhead and peeling down the line! Check out the action! Man this almost looks like a right point break!

We are gonna start things off with the bossman! Carlos “Caliente” was out there making men look like boys! Here he is stroking through one more, with me on the shoulder taking notes! Great job Carl!

One of our boys Jessie joined us and dropped in on some bombs! Here he is sliding into this well overhead wave!

The San Juan del Sur crew was out in the water having a bunch of fun! Here is one of our boys praying he makes the drop and doesn’t get caught inside!

I got into a couple really fun waves today! I’m from Florida so these waves were pretty big for me, but I ended up with this epic barrel that made the whole day of the shots on the head worth it. Thanks Jairo!

Here is Mike one of the other people out there dropping in on a solid right ready to hit the racetrack.

Here is Sean busting a backside off the lip 1 of probably a thousand on this wave!

Not many airs were being done on the sizeable waves, but Sean had to show us all up and bust this thing! SICK man we are super stoked on the airs you are pulling these days, super innovative! That’s it for today guys! We will see you tomorrow with more fun waves in the forecast!