Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Hello everybody. Something happened here with the wind, it is so strong, I think it is the strongest wind all year. The waves were only 3 feet and because of the direction of the wind only the rights were working. Some had good shape and not to many surfers decided to paddle out.

This wind is not common in this season, should be glassing.

Ivan along with three other guys got there own peak alone because of the consistency and small crowd.  The rest waching the futball game Argentia v. Holland.

The tide right now is going down and not is too good but yesterday during the sunset was amazing!  Lets hope tonight will be the same.

Time for boogie board. HHHiiiiiuuuuuu. I think I'll grab mine and go have fun too.

Ivan was the man today. He was getting all the good waves. Mis amigos we see you in the water. Armando lopez is out.

A I almost forget. This Sunday 13 of July we will have a full moon party in the beach club. We go to play reggae dub and house music. Bring you surfboard because after the party if the moon light is good and the wave give us the perfect condition we will surf in night time.  GET READYYYYYY!!!