Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 05, 2014

The waves were going off today.  One of the better days ever at the outer reef popoyo.  Surfari Charters Crew and company along with Pancho Sanchez, JJ Yema, Mani, Cabezas and a few others were charging some bombas out there.  Check it out,,, happy 5th of July amigos!!!

We had some big bombas out there.  No many people put their bodies in this possition, so we have to give respect to all these great surfers.

Captain Moss was so hungry today.  He was totally attacking those bombas.  He had a nice first wave and after that he had to take the elevator down.

Oucchhhhh,, we are glad he was fine after this big jump.  He came back stronger and scored some of the better waves of the day.  Look forward!

Marsh Gregory made it out with his papa and he was getting some mini bombas out there.  Solid bottom turn!

Big daddy was also getting a few nice ones.  He gotta feel so proud of his son, just to see him out there charging!

Killer waves during the whole morning.  We are so blessed to be out there today!

At some point of the day the winds were blowing kinda strong offshore but the boys kept doing their things.  Check out Mr Yema with this gnarly drop!

Shot 2, the winds got him and he had to fly for a few seconds.  Yewwww!!!

Shot 3, a bit off balance but commitmented to land it!

Ohhhh yeah, he pulled it off and here he is styling on his bottom turn.  Deep in the flats!

All those boys were charging big time.  Here is caught Mani getting into a huge green room!

The inside section was working pretty good too and a few guys were on it.  Unknown rider enjoying of this one!

Big caves to pull in but it was hard to be in the right spot.  Uyyyy,,, uyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Mr Cabezas was going big on his backhand.  Check him out getting deep into this cavern!

A few spongers made it out there and they were taking some sweet ones.  Air dropping!

Pancho Sanchez made a couple of tow in and he got a nice reward.  Late birthday present, always appreciated it!

Captain Moss got this place wired today, he was on fire.  Check out the sequence of the day.  Shot 1, looking for the green house!

Shot 2, a quick drag to get in position!

Woooo,,, where did he go?

Shot 4, taking the high line!

Shot 5, what a great view!

Shot 6, getting deep!

Shot 7, and deeper!

Shot 8, oh my godddddddd!!!

Shot 9, still going!

Shot 10, looking for the door through the spit!

And safe!

Shot 12, and the claim for sure.  That was mental, way to go amigo!!!

Oh yeahh,,, he was all smiles after that.  Big shout out to Austin, he was doing great on the water patrol!

Captain Moss wasn't the only one getting shacked.  How about Trinidad putting himself in the glory spot. 

And he was so stoked as well.  Everyone was so happy out there.

Mateito El Bolsudo made it out for first time and he had to take a beat down before he got to score some real waves.  Welcome to the bottom muchacho!

El Codo Lopez made it out kinda late but he was still able to get into some tubitos in the inside section.  Hoping to see you in the main peak soon mi amigo!

Mr Yemma pulled into some heavy ones as well.  Just a few seconds away to get super shacked!

Last action shot of the day goes to Mani chilling in this section.  This guy rules!

That's all for today amigos.  Special thanks to Jeff for taking us out and drive us around the impact zone on the Marlindo.  Please check back tomorrow!