Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre here bringing you some of the action we had down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were kinda weird first thing but then it turned out pretty fun.  Head high plus on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and killer water temperature.  Check it!

First light in the morning we headed out to check our misty reef, because we heard that it was fun yesterday.  This is what we found, absolutely not doing it today.

This was some of the action we had in the inside reef.  Who wants some lefts or rights?

We made it over another spot and this one was actually breaking pretty well on the bigger sets, but it was very inconsistent.  Check out the lineup!

There were a few guys out, taking advantage of the empty lineup.  Gray looking down the line of this beautiful peeler.

One last shot of this spot, this time and empty and sweet jewel rolling in with no takers.  What a shame!

We kept moving and finally scored some good surf at one of our favorites beach breaks in the whole pacific coast.  This was the first scene we got when we arrived to this place.

The lefts were definitely holding up better, but there were also some sick rights to pull in to.  Just chilling and expecting to get some shade!

Melon Comelon was hurting a little bit, but he paddled out no matters what to get some.  Check him out pulling into a nice racer.

Unknown rider is caught here working on his backside.  Pig dogging it!

Pancho Sanchez got the wipe out and sequence of the day.  Shot 1, ay mamamaaaaaaaa!

Shot 2, a little worried for his board!

Shot 3, straight down to the bottom!

At least you didn't break your board on this one pal.  Good job Panchito!

But Pancho Sanchez got also some cool ones, it wasn't all about wipe outs for him.  Do not hit the water-man Panchito!!!

Quite a few girls made it to the beach and they were taking advantage of the beautiful day we had.  Check out the scene!

Rafael from Brazil was pulling into some of the deepest barrel sections of the day.  Here he is caught about to get pitted and travel for so long in this one.

Brian was able to paddled out this morning and he raced a couple.  Deep in the flats, showing off on his bottom turn skills.

Mr Brown made it out there and he was doing his best to get some.  It was nice see you back in the water señor!

The lineup was a little busy but there were still some empty ones coming in by themself.  Who wants some of this?

I got to play a little bit with the angles today and I think it worked out well.  Unknown guy getting into the green room.

The girls really love this beach.  A little football to entertain, in the middle of the fun surf we had out there.

Right before dark we changed locations and we got to this spot.  You guys probably have seen this view a couple of times before.  It is always nice to share a good pic!

The locals were doing their thing out there.  Mario El Dañino Martinez showing us how to ride a good barrel on backside.

Alright boys, it is 11pm and I am ready to sleep.  Please check back tomorrow!