Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hello our audience. This is the second day with a good swell. Some bombas kept rolling through. Check this wave out.

Couple riders were out to catch the bombas at the reef. They were having difficulty with the drop because of the strong wind.

The shoulder was the best option to make the wave. Check how long the surfers can ride the wave, all the way to the inside.

The small crowd in the rubber ducky reef were in trouble for a couple sets. This is the time when you know how fast you can paddle.

This swell direction was perfect for good side waves, with long lines, 100 meters long, running until the beach. Check that tubaso.

The inside section was perfect for turns. Lefts were better today.

The long lines made for power cut backs.

Every 20 minutes the sets came in like this 12 footer. But no body was waiting deep enough.

This guy was patient enough and got a goodone. HHHIIIIIIIUUUUUSSSHHH.

Duke was part of the crew charging in the inside of Popoyo. Here he is droping this over ankle wave, keep celebrating for the july 4 with his attire. So patriotic.

Here is Carlitos hitting the best part of this wave. He was fluid today doing 3 to 4 turns down the line.

Ok. Thanks for tuning in with us all the time. Keep checking the report and surfing your brains out. Dreaming with this tube. Armando Lopez is out.