Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 04, 2014

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre Garcia is here with a quick update for your Friday surf report.  Th swell is filling in and we have some solid overhead waves on the bigger sets, winds were pretty strong offshore and the water was great.  Check it out!!!

It was a day for lefts, no matter which way you look at.  Unknown rider with a sweet drop.

Couple of barrel sections to share out there.  The locals were dominating the lineup today.

We want to give a special shout out to Mateito from FL.  He made it out there today and he was no worried about getting pounded.  Way to go amigo!!!

Juancito was the only one going right today.  Did I say solid overhead?

The locals were shredding hard as you can see.  Sweet vert snap by Luisito Guzman!

There were some killer cleaned up sets rolling and everyone got washed out.  Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

This boy was the only gringo ripping out there.  Check him out with a cool carve!

That's all for today amigos, expecting some bombas tomorrow so stay tuned with us!