Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Que pasa amigos?  This is Lucha Libre here with the Tuesday surf report right in front of the brand new NSR Beach House.  Today we changed locations with the crew from Peru and went to get some shacks in from of the NSR Beach House.  The conditions were not the best ones but there were still some sick waves rolling in.  Check it out!!!

The lineup was pretty busy today but there were waves all over the place, so it was all good and tranquilo.  Check out this unknown rider first light in the morning racing down the line of this sweet peeler.

The morning light wasn’t great for photos but there were some nice waves rolling in that we have to post on for sure.  Getting deep on this little nugget!

The lefts were working way better that the rights, so everybody wanted to go left.  On the first action shot of the crew from Peru we have Javier styling on his frontside ride.

Jose pulled in deep into some runners, and here he is getting super shacked on this one.  He traveled this one so long but he couldn’t make it out!

Iago found some sweet barrel sections in the inside.  Always nice to get barreled, uh!

It is always nice to meet your buddies from childhood.  Pancho and Kip, looking good with the NSR custom Joe Johnson's and just seconds away from fun and ready to get back to the 90’s when they used to spend lots of time together.

Ara was able to join the crew as well.  Here he is looking good on this one.

Pancho Sanchez scored the barrel of the day and showed their friends why he lives down here.  Shot 1, dropping in and dragging both hands in!

Shot 2, ready to get some shade Panchito?

Shot 3, setting up!

Shot 4, big section coming up!

Shot 5, behind the curtain!

Shot 6, disappeared!

Shot 7, still going!

Shot 8, coming out!

Shot 9, are you ready for another section?

Shot 10, sweet barrel dude!

Shot 11, nice and clean!

Rodrigo got some barrels but got some sick snaps too.  Nice turn pal!

There were a few cute girls walking up on the beach and a few other ones enjoying the nice breeze and a good reading.

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Please make sure to check us back out tomorrow.