Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hey everyone, this is Eric checkin' in with your daily report for this Saturday.  The winds aren't cooperating today but there was still a little wave out there if you wanted to get wet.  Head high on sets, onshore winds, warm water, and an uncrowded lineup sum up today's conditions.  We got down to the beach and captured a little bit of the action!

This is Sam and Matt from Califorina, they took a trip out with our good friend Capt. Josco yesterday and scored!!  As you can see the Dorado bite was hot and these guys caught enough to feed the town!!  Looks like some fish tacos to me!

It wasn't only Dorado those guys put in the boat!!  Look at the size of that thing!!  Beautiful Sailfish and definite success on that fishing trip!!  If you're down here and are looking for some serious sport fishing, NSR and Capt. Josco can hook you up!!  Thanks for sending in those photos guys!  Props to Josco for putting Sam and Matt on some fish!!

Back on the beach some guys were out having a blast!  It might be a little messy from the wind but when there's only five other people out it's hard to resist going for a surf!  

Thanks to our man Pete for sending in this shot of JJ with a sick fins out!  Try not to break three boards in three days there JJ!!

Steffi put down the sponge to catch a few waves on her surfboard!  Here she is ripping a sick cutback on this left!

Rafiel was out there getting himself a few waves.  This guy is an excellent barrel rider but still knows how to rip a turn when the time comes!

The wind started to blow harder and turned a little sideshore, which made for some nice righthanders.  Here's an unknown surfer turning with some power on the inside!

You wouldn't know it from these photos but when this wave turns on it gets pretty darn epic!  Jayson here going right on this crumbly little A-frame!

We'll sign off today with another shot of JJ with a sweet frontside turn.  It looks like we are stuck in this onshore pattern for at least a few more days.  We'll be out there regardless bringing you the daily report straight from the beach.   Thanks for checkin' us out and be sure and tune in tomorrow!  Take it easy for now!